Remember, if you are not actively building muscle, you are losing muscle!! My goal at Ignite is to help people create an energetic and functional lifestyle!!! Looking better and feeling happy is just a side effect!! I will meet you wherever you are in your fitness journey to help you see and feel progress!!

My name is Niki Gerds and I have been trainer and coach in the Youngsville area for five years. I am passionate about making the workout experience a positive one. I believe there is an athlete in everyone!!

My certifications include USA Weightlifting, NASM, NASM Weight Loss, ISSA, L1 Crossfit, and Insanity!!



6:00am - 7:00am - 8:00am - 9:30am
3:30pm - 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Learn the basics of Olympic weightlifting in a safe, judgement free environment. Focusing on function movements this class will teach you to be the strongest you can be all while shredding fat with metabolic conditioning as well as improving flexibility and core strength with basic gymnastic movements. This full body routine is for all fitness levels!!!!


Extreme cardio conditioning for every fitness level. Together, you'll build strength, improve cardiovascular endurance, and develop precision and speed - without lifting a single weight!


 6:00am & 7:00am

Insanity Live




Unlimited classes: $99/month!
Barbell Punchcard: 5 classes for $50
Accessory Class Punchcard: 10 classes for $50
Drop in rates also available. No contracts!
Try FREE for one week before you decided.


Dark Horse Performance

Hello!  My name is Brandon Gainey and I've been actively pursuing fitness for a number of years through various training styles including general weight training, strong man training, and athletic training.  As a former walk on basketball player at East Carolina University, I always value work ethic, teamwork, and health.  I have experienced many different aspects of fitness and nutritional approaches to become a better version of myself.  I've been through all the "trends" and "gimmicks".  I've been healthy and I've been injured.  I've enjoyed some friendly competition and I've completed for cash prizes.  I have a wide perspective of the fitness industry as a whole.  I have worked to serve the community and those in need and I would really enjoy the opportunity to encourage, motivate, and walk along side you on your fitness journey.  Whether that includes health maintenance, strength training, or weight loss.


Personal training - Initial Assessment FREE!  $40 per session.

Small Group Training  Focusing on strength training and conditioning $10 per class

Nutritional Coaching/Services also available. 

Visit Dark Horse Performance or email me at darkhorseperformance@yahoo.com 

- CPPS (Certified Physical Preparation Specialist)
- Strength and Power development
- Fun, challenging, and innovative workouts. 

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